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Welcome to Whipple Construction!

Over our first 100 years of operations, Whipple Construction built a strong reputation for being a quality and successful general contractor. In our next 100 years, we will be even more focused and committed to our founder’s goals of building high-integrity relationships. We strive to be the Builder of Choice for our clients.

We understand the complexities and ever-changing environment in the construction industry. We have witnessed the many changes in our business product types and methods of construction. Increasing demands for quality and risk management have defined our work for the last 100 years. We are committed to bringing our vast experience to a bear on our clients’ projects to ensure that each opportunity is a success, is completely on time, and is executed with the highest quality.

Recently Whipple Construction has entered a new stage in its development . Purchased in 2010, Whipple Construction has transformed itself from a regional GC into a national GC with an impressive portfolio of jobs across the United States. Whipple and its seasoned team of construction professional specializes in multi family,hotels,healthcare, and residential sub divisions. Whipple Construction has the experience and dedication to deliver your job on time and within budget.

When you are looking the construction team for your next project, be confident that when you select Whipple Construction, we will bring our century-old experience and new dynamic capabilities to the team. We guarantee that your project will be executed to the highest possible standards. We will strive to ensure that you are the next name on a long list of successful and solid relationships that we at Whipple covet.